What is light roleplay?

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What is light roleplay? Empty What is light roleplay?

Post  Robinson_Sherrif on Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:39 pm

Light roleplay
Google Roleplay is a light roleplay environment for players to have fun in. Light roleplay meaning that we don't ban people for being OOC or typing poorly, even if we do make fun of them. We also allow gimmick characters, and generally just have a sense of humour [important lol! ] about everything. We have frequent special events, both in-character and consistent with the roleplay world, as well as wacky fun OOC events. We feel we strike a happy medium between the more serious, in depth roleplay seen on servers such as LS:RP and people who want a more relaxed attitude to their SA:MP gaming and either style is more than welcome!


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