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Post  Robinson_Sherrif on Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:11 pm

Light Roleplay

Please remember that while we highly encourage roleplay there is no form of RP enforcement other than the basic requirement to have a reasonable name.

We will laugh at you for submitting formal complaints including, but not limited to, the following:

Non-RP driving
Non-RP carjack
Confusion between IC and OOC
Magic knowledge of names
Magic knowledge of phone numbers
Magic knowledge of factions/gangs
Pulling a gun/drug/widget out of thin air
Incoherent typing (though it bothers us as much as it does you)

House Weapons

Do not pick these up. If you do pick one up, spend the bullets on the wall/air somewhere but not on a player/vehicle.

Don't be gay!

If you follow this rule above all you'll be fine. But most of you are gigantic retard faggots so let's set some specifics.


Our definition of chickenrunning is "running in circles to avoid being hit; firing a shot, sprinting/running, firing another shot, running etc; anything that we decree to be abusing sa:mp's non-existent lag compensation."


We consider DMing the following:

Attacking someone for no reason. Or a bullshit reason you pulled out of your ass in order to attack someone.

Repeatedly attacking someone constantly or actively /finding and then attacking someone. Sure if someone fucks with you go track them down and kill them once or twice. And if they fuck with you again do the same. But don't roll on them all day because they called your mother a bad name. Shooting at someone you have shit with if you see them during your normal business is fine.

Also, rolling up to someone and saying "give me all your money" or "money" and then blasting them will fall under this. Like chickenrunning, there is an abstract, subjective element to this.

Spawn Killing

Spawn killing is attacking or killing someone when they spawn without giving them ample time to take action or get away. We do not encourage 'capturing' other gang's HQs [results in bitching about spawnkilling, funnily enough] but if you do, avoid spawnkilling by letting people who spawn get about 20 seconds without them being attacked to run away. Obviously if they shoot or attack you then kill them.

Revenge Killing

If someone kills you then you can go to hospital, come out and kill them back. Likewise if you kill a cop they can /su you from hospital. What you cannot do is use it as an excuse to DM someone all day. Yes this can lead to a spiral of 'he killed me, I kill him, he kills me, I kill him' if both parties won't let it lie but it's less gay and easier to enforce than some faggy 'LOL YOU FORGET YOUR SHIT' rule.

If someone kills you, revenge kill them once then leave it. If you dislike someone IC then yeah, you can shoot at them if they come by you but don't spend all day /finding them in order to kill them - we'll step in if you do.


The general rule of thumb is 'if you think it's dodgy don't do it'. However here are some specifics.

-Hiding in the inside of bugged buildings.
-Breaking out of animations that you're obviously not meant to break out of.
-Sitting in the water to avoid being shot. You can swim from place to place but if you stay in the sea/take the piss with it then we'll consider you to be exploiting.
-Carjack kill.
-Alt tabbing/escaping to avoid death. If you're being shot or chased, don't do this. It's fine to sit when no-one is after you and alt tab for 5 mins or so.
-Shooting from a car with no driver.
-attempting to exploit out of taze, cuff or detain.


Carparking is parking your car directly on top of someone so they lose health. Even if they do not die, it's still carparking.
We also consider ramming someone repeatedly so they can't get up, move or do anything else to be carparking.

Plane Bombing & Car Bombing

Do not ram planes into people with the purpose of blowing them up.

Car bombing, although not strictly against the rules, is considered very gay. If you're being a prick with it an admin is within rights to punish you for it. My advice is don't do it.


Killing people with helicopter rotor blades. Do not do this. You can ram people with the helicopter and you can use your blades on vehicles only but be careful you don't bladekill.

Logging to Avoid Penalities
Logging to avoid kidnapping, death, arrest, interview, or an admin talking to you will be punished.

Account Farming
Creating multiple accounts and giving their money to yourself or a friend is obviously against the rules. It is one of the easiest things to catch, and you will be fined a zillion dollars if not outright banned.

You can transfer money between active accounts.

Running Man

If you're on the server, be at the keyboard and be doing shit. Macros that avoid the idle timer in order to get you playing time without you actually playing, going afk except to move to avoid the idle timer are all considered running man.

'War Etiquette'

A couple of guidelines to stop gang wars getting gay and /report getting spammed by tearful internet gangsters. These aren't solid rules but we may shout/remind you of them at you if they're broken.

-don't attack another gang if the numbers are stupidly uneven. Anymore than a difference of 3-4 and it starts to get shitty. That said, if you have 14 guys and the other gang has 10 then it's fine. Use your discretion. Of course if there are 10 of you and the only 2 members of the other gang online decide to attack you then kill them.
-don't attack another gang repeatedly over and over if you've just finished murdering them all. Once every 10-15 mins or so is a good guideline if the attack is just 'LET'S GO KILL X'. This may not apply if you have a different reason to kill a specific member or if you lost the last attack, it was an even fight or a close victory.
-"don't be gay". We realise this is difficult for most of you.


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